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Commercial Flat Roofing Services

As a full service engineering firm, DeltaPly takes pride in providing the best possible service. We are a technical organization that has completed years of research work in order to better serve clients with cutting-edge technology to ensure a positive insurance loss recovery process.

From the onset of your claim to project completion, DeltaPly is there to provide a variety of loss recovery solutions to best suit your needs.

Overview of Services

Roof Survey and Damage Assessment

DeltaPly provides a true and accurate assessment of the condition of your roof and appurtenance properties; identifying damage all at no cost. Great documentation leads to excellent results. A professional photo report will be provided for our commercial clients.

Roof System/Composition Analysis

The type and make-up of your roof are critical information needed in moving forward with the loss recovery process. We have the experience and expertise to obtain this important information, from type and age of your roof system, and to determine if the roof system may have more than one layer of roof present.

Consulting & Engineering Services

DeltaPly utilizes engineers who are dedicated to researching and staying abreast with the latest information and technology regarding flat roofs – Built-Up Roofs (BUR), Modified Bitumen (mod-bit), Thermoplastic PolyOlefin (TPO single-ply membrane), PolyVinyl chloride (PVC single-ply membrane), Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM “rubber roof), and Spray polyurethane foam-based (SPF) roofs. This technical knowledge gives DeltaPly the cutting edge that it needs to be the industry leader in the specialized insurance recovery process.

Full Life Cycle Loss Recovery Services

Buildings are valuable investments to any owner — residential or commercial. Investments can be complex - protected by a casualty policy or through a variety of financial instruments. When your investment suffers a loss, it can take significant time and effort to achieve a full recovery. Allow DeltaPly to enact its technical expertise of flat roofs and experience of the insurance recovery process for you. DeltaPly facilitates and executes recovery of your valuable asset for you.

General Contracting Services

DeltaPly offers a full range of general contracting services, from damage mitigation while your carrier assesses your claim. We can also add value by providing property owners with a hands-off approach, interacting with all parties required in order to meet your contracting needs, all while keeping you well informed.

Roof Maintenance & Warranty Services

DeltaPly can perform routine inspections and maintenance service for your roof—for your newly installed roof or even an existing roof. This can provide you with timely information on any needed repairs; as well as historical roof conditions in the event of an insurance claim. DeltaPly can provide Annual and Semi-annual inspections to ensure your manufacturer's warranty remains valid and to stay vigilant for roof hazards.

Storm Watch Service

DeltaPly is on constant alert with the latest weather conditions and any impending hail events. When hail fall has taken place in your area, be assured that DeltaPly will mobilize to make sure that your investment remains sound from any storm-related damage, and take immediate actions if necessary. DeltaPly will document such events in its database to keep a complete roof history for you.