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About DeltaPly, Inc.

DeltaPly greets the marketplace by providing consulting and professional expertise while serving commercial and residential real estate owners with a sound portfolio of technical services. With 30+ years of experience in insurance loss recovery, engineering, building science, and customer service; DeltaPly assists owners by aligning goals to optimize the allocation of project funds.

Key Management Team

Milton Faber, President, DeltaPly, Inc.

Milton Faber

President, Owner

Milton Faber is an entrepreneur and business development manager with more than 15 years of progressive experience working with a variety of clientele to discover and deliver value across a broad array of professional service based environments. As a graduate mechanical engineer, Mr. Faber initially developed automation techniques for the semiconductor industry before transitioning to engineering and technical consulting related to product development. It was his experiences as a senior advisor and consultant that led him to assume the challenge of leadership as the chief executive of his own ventures.

Mr. Faber has held senior engineering and consulting positions with leading technology companies such as Parametric Technology Corp., and has provided professional services to global Fortune 500 enterprises such as Raytheon, General Electric, and Alcatel-Lucent. He is an expert in business development techniques, insurance as financial instruments applied to loss recovery, and project management within professional services settings. Milton holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio State University.

Currently, Mr. Faber is focused on his latest enterprise, DeltaPly, as owner and managing member. After more than a decade of operating other successful ventures Milton saw an opportunity to combine his interests in insurance with his tremendous experience in customer service and project management to provide exceptional value to the underserved market of Insurance Loss Recovery within the commercial and residential building segments.

James Otto, P.E.

James Otto, P.E.

Director of Technical Services

James Otto, P.E., is a registered professional engineer in the state of Texas who has focused his technical career in forensic sciences with an emphasis on identifying, analyzing, assessing damage to commercial roof systems, and providing testimony regarding commercial building roof systems that have sustained damage from impacts by hailstones. Mr. Otto has an extensive background in all aspects of flat-roof systems, which includes first-hand experience with roof installations, construction cost estimating, damage assessments, repair methodologies, and weather data analysis for loss date determination. Mr. Otto is a certified Commercial Roof Inspector, and possesses a Level 1 Thermographer certification, in which he uses this technology to perform moisture analysis on roofing systems.

Prior to forensics engineering, as a graduate of The Ohio State University, James Otto was an advanced manufacturing engineer at a 24/7 fiberglass production facility with Owens Corning. During his decade-long tenure at the Fortune 500 Company, James also led the Quality Assurance team while performing root cause analysis and utilized Six Sigma methodologies to implement corrective actions, which led to permanent product quality improvements.

Mr. Otto is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and is proficient in evaluating foundation performance for commercial and residential structures. Mr. Otto conducts in-depth investigations to produce accurate reports that provide great value to property owners and investors.

Mr. Otto is also a real estate investor who owns and manages a portfolio of properties. Mr. Otto’s unique blend of experience and expertise enables him to better serve the customer.